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September 29, 2017
By Christi_Line GOLD, American Fork, Utah
Christi_Line GOLD, American Fork, Utah
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Before you smirked at her retreating figure, Tell me please, what did you see? Before you laughed when she dropped her books, Can you explain what she’s been through? Did you see her tear streaked face as she sat on the hospital chair, Waiting to hear about her brother’s life? Did you see her eyes as she stared blankly up at the flames, That were slowly consuming what had once been her home? Did you see her trembling hands as she finished the last stitch on that quilt, That she made to donate to a hospital to comfort someone like her? Did you see the joy in her eyes as the phone rang, knowing it was to tell her he was alright, Only to have it fall from her hands immediately. Did you see her white clenched hands when she sat on the pew, Listening to speakers talk about his much too short life? Did you see her those months she was broken and lost, Not knowing why this had to happen to her? Do you know why she walks with her head bent down in the halls, Why she missed school for two weeks? Do you know what has made her who she is, And why she hardly ever speaks aloud anymore? Do you know the pain she has felt, Inside her heart, Watching the world leave her behind? Did you see her silent plea as she ran from your judgemental glare? Did you see the panic in her eyes as her borrowed books crashed to the tile? Because before you speak, you must know. Before you know, you must see. Before you can see, you have to watch. Did you see her smile when you held out your hand, helping her off the floor? Did you see the relief in her eyes when you chased after her, asking her not to go? Did you see her laughter when you got to know her, instead? Now you know about her brother Now you know about the fire Now you know about the tears And aches And pains And now you know to look before you judge, And not just look. You have to read, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, that’s great. But better than just ignoring is to look between the pages, Read between the lines and then. Then you know. Did you see her face, in the light? Did you see her joy as he got down on one knee? You introduced them all that time ago. Did you see her hands as they flew to her mouth, in joy? Did you see the angel that watched over her, When no one else did? Did you remember what she told you, then. Once you had finally accepted that you were friends? You kept her secret; it’s what friends do. She chooses what to show to others, from her past. But did you see the change? Did you see how month after month, she smiled more? She lifted up her head, with her shoulders back. Did you see the change one friend can make, If they only take the time to read between the pages? Did you see her story, all that time ago? She read it to you letter by letter, page by page. She let someone into her broken and hidden heart Showed them her rough edges Taught them what she learned They were you. And she did that because you watched, And because you watched you saw And because you saw you knew And because you knew, you spoke. One voice is all it takes, sometimes. She thanks you, tears in her eyes. She thanks you, hugging you tighter than ever, She thanks you, For being the first person To read between her pages.

The author's comments:

not judging people by their covers is only the first step. You can ignore them, like you ignore the countless books on the library shelves, but unless you read those books you won't know what is in their pages. Peopl are like that, they don't fall into your hands open wide, you have to first approach them and take them off the shelf to read them.

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