Life In Black

September 29, 2017
By Anonymous

Roses are red
Yeah I know that
I also know my race is black
I get stereotyped it’s guaranteed
Black people that’s what you see

They get scared when they see the I’m black
You see me in your house you’ll have a heart attack
You might think that’s wack to say
But really who cares anyway
I wanna do this right
Blacks with a gun people scream in fright

People scream over there I see
Present black people they call the police
Pray they don’t get locked up
Through a window they roll and tuck
Through the window they go
Even if the ground has
Even if it’s hot or cold

Black Black Black the color to be
Black Black Black the color I see
Ash Ash Ash on their knees
They need the lotion yes indeed

No harm done when this is told
No need to act cold
Crazy story that you read
Read it and you might smile like a picture, cheese

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