races and roses

September 29, 2017
By Anonymous

Its game time
No more being last
Used to being last in school
Used to being last at home
The roses are bloody
Don't stomp on these grounds if you're not ready
Scream if you want they can't hear you
You found a way to make a way
But you haven't went in details
You scared if the new would be worser
Bed talk to yourself is the best talk
You might hate yourself but you love your flesh

People love you man you just don't know
You find someone you love you will go crazy if they leave
Love love love is all you want
You will sacrifice to get love
You haveĀ  a lot of pain but don't show it
Races and roses

You only have your mom,dad,brothers,sister
The rest is outside in the park
They having fun while you in house jail
You labeled a killer the first day you was born
You labeled a fighter or a hero but in your head your homeless but you don't talk about it
You just want to go to a quiet room and scream
Races and roses

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