Where I'm from

September 29, 2017
By Anonymous

Where I’m from,

I'm from long summer days and climbing trees
Cuts and tears from rough housing with friends
Riding bikes and ice cream trucks
Playing outside all day long soccer balls and hockey pucks

I'm from corn on the cob and medium rare steaks
Mac’n’cheese for dinner and mango popsicles for dessert
Chocolate chip pancakes and apple wood bacon
Watching TV with my sister without end

I'm from riding scooters and “fixing” bikes
Building legos and eating egos
Playing games of knockout with friends
Grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup

I'm from airsoft guns and scars and bruises
Keeping my friends closer than family
Starting to stay up late and sleeping in
Working on trinkets and late night snacks

I'm from losing almost everything far too soon
Keeping music closest to me while everything moved
Finding ways to cheat school and get away with it
And now i'm here waiting for the next stanza

The author's comments:

this is about my life and the stages from small child to now.

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