What a Life

September 29, 2017

Have you ever felt so lonely.?
Like you in the dark..
You feel like dying inside
Life is NOT a joke

Life is not a joke
it will scoop you up
like a starving pig eats
waiting to be bacon

Dead inside nowhere to hide ,
Dead to the feeling
Just kill it by now
But am i just died in my mind ?

Life is not a joke
It’s a jungle
Where everybody looking for the juice
Are you still LOST ?

Trying to be somebody you not
Like you a lost puppy
Needing help
Where is everybody at ?

You just wanna be alone
Homeless in nowhere to go
But do you know the pain
Ain't no shame ..

Your mind is numb to everything
No feelings
No thought
By now i should  have been gone

Where when you ride down the street
You look to the left
You look to the right
And nobody is in site
Cause when you under pressure
Everybody's at fliright
No glory
No flame at night
When you all ALONE
in its time to turn off the light
After that i just had to drop the mic

Close my eyes to the dark
Blue sky
No i'm not ready to die
I don't know why

I'm not talking cause i want you to feel bad
I'm talking cause it just in my head

Close my eyes and want to dream
But all i see
Is evil in the seen

Feelings is overwhelm
But nobody understand
Until they in your shoes

Just say goodbye
Boom again
But it's your life

You said i wasn't living right
But it's my life right ?

Open your eyes dream
Its called WHAT A LIFE
You just wasnt ready

The author's comments:

i like to go shopping ,  im in 10th grade at atherton high school

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