Creatures of Irony

September 29, 2017
By jaydeliz02 BRONZE, Hemet, California
jaydeliz02 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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A tattoo that reads ‘knowlage’
On a man who smokes
And says ‘don't do drugs’
He is a white man in the USA
Proud of his heritage
That condemns immigrants
He says to bring factories back to the US
And has cornrows
But fears driving in black neighborhoods
In his Dodge truck
He is ‘against violence’
His gun rack can be seen through the back window
He just wants his free will
But, of course, your rights are against his opinion

She just wants equality
Serves justice
To the point where she gets offended for other people
The word ‘racist’ offends her
More than racism
Hates her representatives
Never votes
Wants people to think she cares
When she doesn’t
Pushes other people into the water
So she doesn’t drown

I am a vegan for the planet
But use paper plates
I’m scared of the dark
My favorite color is dark purple
I would never dissect an animal
I want to go to a school where they cut cadavers
Question my government
Conform in school
I say that I’m resisting
Not even old enough to be allowed to resist
I love animals
Fear spiders

These are the living contradictions
They are the clouds
They hate the sky
Their mouths spills lies
And minds utter truths
How sad
These ironic creatures
They negate their own minds
As they use them to think
They are pitiful
They only pity you
They are ironic
And write poems criticizing irony

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