The fear, missing, and loosing.

September 28, 2017
By kami.johnston BRONZE, Trinidad, Texas
kami.johnston BRONZE, Trinidad, Texas
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      The feeling.
      The missing.
      The losing.
      The fear.

     The feeling I get when I’m near you
      makes me shake with fear and love.
      The feeling I get when I talk to you
      produce all the butterflies come alive.
      The feeling I get when you say my name
      makes me fall down…
      deeper into you.
      The feeling I get when I call you
      makes me cry a river because I  know this is all we can do.
      The feeling I get when I know we will never meet
      makes me sink lower and lower into almost losing my humanity.

     The missing kicks in every day
     after I wake up.
     After I wake up knowing you're not there next to me.
    Not there to hold me close
    after all the crying and sobbing from the night before.
    The missing kicks in knowing I walk this
    earth without your hand.
    Without the touch of you to get me through the day.
    Without the comfort of you to keep me safe and sound.

    The missing kicks in when I walk these streets
   alone and not with the love of my life.
    I miss you when I least expect it.
    I miss you when I rather think
    about anything else except you.
    I miss you when I'm even at my busiest points.

   You make me break to my knees in pain.
   The pain you give me
    is like no other.
    You give me emotions I never knew I had.

   And the fear of losing you
   gives me shivers from my feet
To my head and back down.
   The fear of losing you gets me
So worked up that I almost go crazy.
   The fear of losing you gets me to my knees
Asking god over and over
  For strength and guidance.

    I'm scared to know if you feel the same.
I'm scared to know your hurting just like I am.
I'm scared to ask how you are everyday..
knowing one day you might pop like a balloon,
just like I did.

  To live knowing you're hurting too,
   is like sleeping on a bed of nails.
   It'd be Impossible.

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