Like Smoke

September 28, 2017
By deanib BRONZE, Valle Vista, California
deanib BRONZE, Valle Vista, California
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Like smoke
You linger
In my lungs
In my mind
In my dreams
All the time

Like smoke
You hang over me
All I see
All I feel is gray

Like smoke
I inhale
Only to breath
Death again
Only to feel
Sad again
Only to be
Gone again

Like smoke
You invaded
The labyrinth that is
My mind

Like smoke
You polluted me
Only to
My lungs
My mind
My dreams

Like smoke
You envisioned
A body
Starting from the inside
You work your way
To the outside

And you await
The day
That I am here
But I am not
That I can speak
But I can not hear my voice
That I am full
Of something that
Makes me feel empty

Like smoke
You are a disease
Sucking life
From my eyes
Until the day
You say
I died

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