September 28, 2017
By andi. SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
andi. SILVER, Overland Park, Kansas
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It’s ok to be scared,
Her voice echoed through the dark minds of others,
The message tried to reach the hearts of the hurt and broken,
But it never seemed to be enough.

It’s ok to be lost,
As the days faded into weeks, and the weeks into months,
She thought more and more about others,
She thought about how others needed her,
Every day they were falling deeper into their own minds,
They needed her,
and she needed to help them.
She started helping more and more,

She was thanked,
She was praised.

Time kept passing like nothing had happened,
She kept living the days as if nothing had changed,
She laughed like nothing had happened,
She helped others like it was nothing had changed,
She says what they want to hear.

She says what they wanted to hear,
She says what would bring a smile to their faces,
It didn’t matter how it made her feel,
As long as THEY were happy.

As long as they were happy,
The tears streamed from her eyes like how a waterfall falls,
The tears welled up and forcefully pushed themself off of the rim of her eyes,
Cascading down her cheeks like rocks in a landslide.
She kept telling herself that it was ok,
Being devoured by the very lies she was being fed,
She told herself if she helped others more, she would find a way to help herself.

The days started spinning out of control,
She started to notice things about herself that she didn’t like,
At first she ignored them but you can only pretend to be something you’re not for so long.

It’s ok to be hurt,
Her voice echoed through the hearts of others,
She was lost in a vortex of her own emotions.
She smiled,
She cried.
She laughed,
She screamed at herself.
Looking through the mirror of her own demise,
She realized one thing,

It’s ok to be scared.

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