October 2, 2017
By Cal26 BRONZE, Oak Park , Michigan
Cal26 BRONZE, Oak Park , Michigan
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Line breaks re write
April 26 2004 Calvin’s
Father walked through the door
He had a box
Wrapped with a bow
What was in it?
Nobody knows

When little Calvin seen the box
His eyes started to glow
He ripped it open fast
Kind of like an animal
What was in it?
Changed his life forever
It was a brush

And it was light like a feather
The brush made little Calvin’s waves
Much much better
Got waves in 1 day
This brush must be from the heavens
Dad what’s in this brush
How is it so great?

Calvin’s dad just smiled and said
It’s a magic wave
13 years latter
The magic’s still there
If you don’t believe me
Just look at his hair

1. I used a lot of rhyme in my poem. I tried to make my whole poem rhyme. I also used many hyperboles. I over exaggerated a few things in my poem some other devices I used were similes, metaphors, and sensory details. These are all the things I implemented in my 20 line poem
2.  The strategy I used to generate my poem was bringing something from home that meant something to me. With my item brought from home I would then use it to write my poem of how I got it.
3. When we took our pretest back in September I did not see myself as a poet. But now that I’ve been using all these strategies and methods I actually do. I have made so really good poems that I’m proud of. Since I actually like writing these poems I see myself as a poet and I’m proud of  it.

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