Capture the Flag

October 5, 2017
By Anonymous

Running around the playground,

young, dumb, and oblivious.
No one could ever have seen the troubling danger coming
My feet were pounding on the ground
And my mind was set on the goal
But sadly my adventures were ended with a simple
“I got you!!”
And with this touch on the shoulder
I was sent to the enemy’s side.

Beaten down and waiting anxiously,
I glanced at a hero on the horizon
“Landon!!” I screeched
I needed his help as soon as I could get it
To get back into the game.
He walked toward me with patience,
Waiting for the perfect time to strike,
Looking for an open lane to save me.
But this hero would soon give me a challenge
to overcome.
In a moment of opportunity, he sprinted over to me and tapped my hand
With great strength
And out of pure luck
My finger
Bent back with the most terryfiing snap
the pain surging into my hand was immense
The world laughed at me with joy
And the cherry anger that filled me
  Boiled silently inside me.

I acted as if nothing had happened
                                                  There was something wrong though                                  
Something with my pinky finger
It didn't feel right
I had too much pride to tell anyone

   I just wanted to go home
It was broken
I knew it                              
And I knew Landon was to blame.

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