October 5, 2017
By abigail_landers BRONZE, Beverly Hills, Michigan
abigail_landers BRONZE, Beverly Hills, Michigan
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four years.

of emptiness

of sadness

of hollowness

forgotten, when you stand next to me.

gone is the pain and self doubt,

replaced by childlike contentment

and butterflies in my chest.

and yet I bury that feeling.

i bury it,

so it doesn’t escape

sneaking out my throat

dancing out my lips

“i love you.”

feelings will become regret

uncomfortable silence

memories tarnished and locked away deep.

and so i bury

and i feel

and i pretend you mean nothing at all.

The author's comments:

inspired to write this poem after struggling with feelings for someone who i can't have. I'm sure a ton of teens relate to this feeling.

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