October 5, 2017
By Ella_Volleyball!! BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Ella_Volleyball!! BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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A black ball of fur with white patches around her body

lying quietly on the table.
I watched the doctor with no hesitations
put the needle in Abigail’s leg,
Than as he put the royal purple tape around it to secure the needle.

I didn't have any words to speak
just memories floating in my head.

About a year ago we left the house,
Unaware of what they were capable of.
My dog had dragged the rotisserie chicken of the granite counter,
onto the  clean wooden floor.
She had a feast that night but she wasn't the only culprit,
Abigail my cat had eaten the delicious chicken flavored string that held it all together.
                        Though later that night she acted like it never happened.
                        What a bratty teenager, am I right?

My hand was on Abigail’s paw over the needle,
and the other in my moms grasping hand,
her hand was warm and comforting
just like the expression on her face.

Abigail had a look of concern on her face.
She knew that I was sad but did know why.
Her canine eyes slowly move around the room,
as she was trying to figure out why she was here.

My hand was wet from her rough tongue licking my hand to get to the needle,
Her tongue was rough like a little piece of sandpaper.
But also wet from the lemonade-tears dripping constantly from my eyes.
The tears hurt my eyes as they burned with sorrow,
  My heart hurt like burning-snow 

Talking was not an option my throat tightened and all of my emotions fell out,
My lemonade tears fell out all at once with once bursting cry,
As I softly stroke Abigail's head with my small, comforting hand.

My mom was squeezing my hand tightly with comfort
but that's not what hurt,
it was the pain of leaving my best friend alone.

The doctor came in with the medicine
that would go into the plastic tube already sticking out of her fragile leg.
We all told him that we were ready,
Even though I wasn't ready for her to leave me.

In moments she was only a memory,
She was gone, and part of me was too. 
She was only a memory

The author's comments:

The thing that inspired me the most was my family. My family is the most inportant thing in the world and when you loose someone you love it is really hard to get get back up from that . Which is why I chose to write about my cat and when we had to put her down. It was a hard time but she is no longer in pain, and in a happier place.

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