He Was Gone

October 5, 2017
By lenahs11 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
lenahs11 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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When I woke, cold air rushed over my body.

I wondered what might have happened overnight.
I got this weird feeling inside of me when I realized he wasn’t there.

I walked into the living room and saw my mom, got all of the courage I had inside of me,
and looked up at her.
The light in her bright blue eyes seemed to be diminished.
I examined her face for answers
She turned her head away from me.
I knew the answer now.
My grandpa was gone.

I couldn’t handle the thought of it.
There was a hole punched in my chest.
All I wanted to do is run away from this moment,
from this time in my life,
from the people around me.
I turned and ran,
As far away as I could.
Away from everyone and everything.
Hiding from the truth.

I couldn’t wrap my head around what really was going on,
I didn’t believe it,
I couldn’t accept it,
it couldn’t be real…But it was.

He was gone, gone forever,
and so was part of me too.

It all just felt like a bad dream.
No, like a nightmare.

One that I could never ever escape.

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