Drop of Doom

October 5, 2017
By cerau BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
cerau BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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I waited in line with my brother beside me

The line stretched on for miles, rows looping around and around
Like a snake and everyone swallowed in its presence 
Each step we gained ground, feet upon feet
Closer and closer we crept to the coaster.

I had never been onto this jaw dropping ride
Everyone stepping off before me
In shock from the terrifying adventure
Each person’s face pale, eyes wide, jaw open
Their breath absent
Almost a look of terror in their eyes
And just then I wanted to back down
A deep endless pit growing in my stomach

I was in a sour-situation
But in my mind I knew
I knew I had to do it
I stepped up
Sat down in the cart with panic
The belts strapping me in as if they were a strangler keeping me hostage
And without even knowing it
The ride lifted off of the ground

We pushed off
Inching away from the floor below
For a minute we kept increasing in height
The ride went higher and higher and higher

We sat there just anticipating the ride to stop
And finally just above the 400 foot mark the ride parked itself

I could barely open my eyes
We were practically 40 stories in the air
The whole amusement park laid out before me
We could easily see on for miles
The tower shook,  we held on tighter


We bolted towards the floor
My whole body in disorder
My stomach was now in my head as we flew down
I closed my eyes
I tried to scream but even that wasn’t possible
My voice was gone
The sky, buildings, rides disappearing in front of me
In a never ending-second we were back on the ground
The sweet sweet ground is all I could think
The past couple minutes I was terrified
And now
I wanted to go again

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