October 4, 2017
By andejanely12 BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
andejanely12 BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
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So this is happening. It's real. I'm moving away from you and all your issues you brought into our family and because of it I'm going to be living 300 miles away from you! Why? What a pathetic question you ask. You don't remember? Well it's because you used to scream at her and you thought we couldn't hear you from the bedroom, well you were wrong! You made her do things you were too lazy to do because you were working all day and all it took was one time for you to lay a hand on her like a man never should. She couldn't take it anymore! That's why. And that's why I have to live somewhere where I don't know anyone and my family will be living in a stranger's house. That's why when I think or look at you I don't see you or think of you the same.
Should I still call you my dad? Or do I call a man she's been seeing for almost a year my dad? Should I kiss his forehead every morning before I go to school and before I go to sleep like I used to do to you? Should I tell him that I love him even though I don’t know him as well but because I don’t love you like I used to? But I just pray that you don’t put another woman through the same hell you put my mother through.

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