Procrastination..I think

October 4, 2017
By iamgod BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
iamgod BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
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Most people would say it is hard living with severe procrastination,
But in actuality the life I lead rewards me with sincere infatuation.
I play mental games with myself, dancing with my forceful imagination.
My mind plays the doctor yet also plays the patient.
The patient listens very closely to the doctor and holds him of high regard, after all, his work is very hard,
Always fighting back dangerous fevers and the flu-”Wait don’t I have some homework to do?”
So doc what conclusion can you come to? Well it seems that with every exchanging of speech,
Your heart skips a couple beats. Every convo leaves your heart rate sharp like a soccer player’s cleats.
It also appears the simple interaction transforms your long locks into twisted curls.
“ Oh my GOD Emilio PLEASE do your homework, and stop thinking about girls.
   Brain if you don’t stop now I swear I will throw a tantrum.”
Yeah okay okay just hold up this song is my anthem. I love Elephant the Cage.
“Really? Are you speaking backwards? PLEASE just STOP and put the pencil to the page!”
Yeah I suppose I could stop but what about your job, you’re really only making minimum wage.
“Man writing a poem with my kinda brain is so hard, I can not believe it, Who knew?
I am really sitting here  arguing with myself, I think I have a loose screw.
I am actually brainstorming, trying to write this serious,
And here I am mad at myself, I’ll just give up, I think I’ve really gone delirious.
But I am still gunna need that A.. Ms. Dobbins are you hearin this?”

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