dancing along my heart

September 28, 2017
By arryanasthename SILVER, Arlington, Texas
arryanasthename SILVER, Arlington, Texas
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   I guess everybody can tell you they told you so. 

I am not the girl they said I was,

but I am certainly not the one for you.

Confessed your fears of being broken,

and I gave you my promises of holding true.


   And I swear

I swear my intentions were pure,

but we all know you were talking to her.


   Did you ever think about how it affected me?

How I tried to change my soul for your happiness, 

only to watch your eyes flicker to the girl gleaming blue across the room?


   Did you ever think about how it pained me? 

To hear your words of love upon my name,

and to watch you move on the very next day? 


   Did you ever think at all?

About how every comment you made went wild in my mind?


   You thought my eyes were the perfect shade.

You talked upon my face full of freckles and how they were the first to be taken upon your liking. 

You said it was easier to talk alone,

wanting me to believe a pure meaning behind it,

but all I felt was you being ashamed of me. 

You told me it was real.




adjective: not imitation or artificial; genuine.


Allow me to list the genuine things that were involved in our relationship: 


1. The way my smaile crooked when you told your stupid jokes.

2. How my body reacted when you would hold me for a milisecond longer in a hug and I would catch a whiff of your scent.

3. The light in my eyes when I would watch you talk about the things you cared for.

4. The feeling deep in my stomach when your eyes met mine with that sweet gleam.

5. The pain I felt when you gave up on me.


   I remember watching you dance along my stars,

and at the time,

I thought you were creationg new constellations, 

but was broken to find you stealing my light to feed your own.


   So the only words I can find now,

is how I hope it was worth it.

The lies you told to paint yourself as picture perfect.

The things you announced to everyone about my private sayings.

I really do wish you're happy with it all,

and that one day,

when what you did to me hits,

that wind will refill your lungs,

and you'll be able to stand back on your feet,

and forgive yourself. 


   Because I have. 

The author's comments:

I wrote this article about a seven month relationship that ended in nothing but me wondering what I did wrong. I wanted to write a piece that fully embodied me as a writer and my style, and I believe this is just that. It is very scatterbrained and simplistic, however you can still relate to my emotions. 

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