September 28, 2017
By colors.of.the.storm BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
colors.of.the.storm BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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I get heartburn around you
Because of how smoldering hot
Your smile is
It's like embers in January
I can't help myself
I can't stop myself
I can't keep myself from feeling this way

This way you make me feel
It's a staccato rhythm in my chest
It's a pause in the turn of the earth
But most of all’
It's the yearning to be with you

To be with that smoldering hot smile
That sets my heart on fire
I don't understand how you actually
Care for me
I don't understand that you actually]
Love me
I don't understand how your smile
Tilts upwards when you say
I love you

That smile, that immaculate smile
Isn't something you can sell in a store
Something that you can pick from a shelf
Something that you can mold
And shape and make it yours

It's just, there
There for the sole purpose
To set my soul on fire
At least, that's what I thought

Your smile is turned down
And now I finally understand
Understand that you don't actually
Care for me
Understand that you don't actually
Love me
Understand that your smile turns down when you say
I love you

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