We Fly

September 28, 2017
By brennanj.gamble BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
brennanj.gamble BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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His eyes
How they shine like gold
He’s such a good brave
So brave and so bold

I step in my stirrups
We study the course
While I sit atop
My beautiful horse

We enter the ring
And practice our hearts out
We’re such a good team
There sure is no doubt

We watch our competitors
And stand calmly outside
While we patiently wait
To be stars, and shine

The announcer calls our names
We ride the course
Claps fill the room
For me and my horse

We enter our flat class
All collected and calm
I grasp the reins
In my leather-covered palms

The announcer calls for the canter
We get excited, indeed
But sadly, so sadly
We pick up the wrong lead

The judge and I lock eyes
As she writes on her paper
I hope we don’t lose the class
I guess we’ll find out later

The class ends
We stand, numbers facing the judge
We are both so nervous
We hardly budge

They announce the winners
First, second, third
Oh my gosh
I can’t believe what I just heard!

They announce my name
I’m immediately stunned
“Brennan Johnson on Bank the Eight”
“You’ve won reserve champion!”

The author's comments:

This piece described the relationship between me and my horse and how we wor together as a team.

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