A Sailor's Dream

September 28, 2017
By Jacob Daniels BRONZE, Cedar Park, Texas
Jacob Daniels BRONZE, Cedar Park, Texas
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I am the master of my ship;
the sea throws everything it has at me.
Rain falls in buckets; the wind howls.
The boat rocks up and down like a child’s toy.
Men, paralyzed with fear, tie the canvas sails.
Fingers as cold as the sea below
methodically maneuver the thick ropes.

Ahead, huge beasts of nature breach.
Water shoots into the cold night air.
Our treasure awaits in the distance,
slowly gliding through the salty black sea.
Our massive boat looms, harpoons ready.
Their slick bodies glisten in the moonlight.

Silence blankets the deck; the storm alone is heard.
Deafening shrieks of terror pierce the stillness.
A single, massive whale soars above our boat;
the beast crashes into the deck.
I awaken, sweating and panting,
I am the master of my ship.

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