Up and down

September 25, 2017
By Anonymous

Up and down

And in a matter of a second Mikey went
And up
And up
He was flung off the seesaw and up into the air
2 seconds seemed an eternity.
Mikey was as unprepared for it as a vegetarian served raw meat,
How was he going to prepare for that impact?
By the look of it he would be lucky to get
Out of it with just a black eye and shredded face,
But that was only if he got lucky.

As gravity would have it
Mikey came spiraling right back down to earth.
His arms flailing,
Legs kicking
The wind pulled at his hood to
Fully the face that was about to smash
Into splintered wood chips about 10 feet away.
He landed with a bitter thud
There was a long moment of silence…

My siblings and I stood stood frozen in shock
Jaws dropped,
Questioning if our cousin Mikey lying not far from us
Was even alive.

To everyone's delight
He slowly lifted his head,
His face plastered with wood chips 
Laughing and trying to choke out the words
“Let's do it again!”

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