September 25, 2017
By HailzStormJones BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
HailzStormJones BRONZE, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Just because I'm broken, doesn't mean I'm broken hearted"
"Everyone else would rather be a Wolf instead of the Sheep. I would rather be the Sheep."

“America is great”,
no - America is a hell.
Each of us had a part in its creation.

It’s a lab.
One in which we -unknowingly- created a monster.
We call it, “society”.

Any kinks within its design?
They have yet to be fixed.
We’ve produced a murderer.

It won’t matter how much green you’ve smoked,
nor how much powder you’ve snorted.
You’ll never reach the high of the expectations.
Nobody is ever good enough.

One way or another, we’re all shamed.
Piece by piece, we lose ourselves.
We starve ourselves to feed the approval of the next soul over.
We paint our faces to feel beautiful.

Don’t forget those who feel like horrifying failures-
the ones who feel they don’t fit in this world.
They become their own canvas- covered in scars.

You may acknowledge it,
but what are you doing
to help convert this nightmare
into something worth seeing?

It’s all just a game,
“Predator versus prey”.
We’re all forced to play it.
There’s no chance of winning.

Society is a hypocrite.
It will encourage you to be yourself,
but will shoot you down the moment you do.
It’s black or white.
Man shan’t lie with man, nor woman with woman.
Sure, it’s legal.
But, it’s still something being fought for and against.
It gets off to scripted scenes, yet denies those who are genuinely in love.

Being selfless is nice, but it makes you weak.
It’s become “every man for himself”.

We’re no longer united,
our patriotism is false advertisement.
Any amount of progress made is being flushed down the drain.

With too many fists used as weapons as well as harsh words,
there’s not a single ounce of mercy left.

There’s too much fighting to be able to start uniting anytime soon.

Any one group can be narrowed down as the source of our problems.
Or, we can point the fingers at the real culprit.
We as a whole species have screwed Society over.

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