Great again

October 2, 2017
By ceartasfeargach BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
ceartasfeargach BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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This Great Nation built on a foundation of lust, devouring trust, ready to combust
This Great Nation looted everything from the redwood forests to the gulf stream waters
This Great Nation has taken its tole stealing the hope, passion, and soul of its citizens
This Great Nation lays black bodies in the streets, like asphalt under a policeman's feet
This Great Nation denies basic freedoms and liberties to children caught with weed
This Great Nation let Nazis march through our streets and racists quell our love with hate
This Great Nation devours resources at a breakneck pace with gluttony you cannot satiate
This Great Nation may no longer be so great
This Great Nation is a disunited place
This Great Nation has fallen from its grace
This Great Nation land of the free with broad stripes and bright stars has been defaced

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