angels and demons

September 24, 2017
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look away my bestowed heart, 

don't catch the glimmer in my eyes,

release my heart from tears.

your eyes are those of a book,

open wide for me to read,

oh look away, away bestowed soul,

secrets unveiled from this looking glass,

shattering my whole.

Your temptation like a devil sitting on my shoulder,

no angels to be seen.

oh, purify me my love, as i have sinned, 

bathing me in tears of sorrow w

ashin' me clean once again.

colors will paint the skies once the storms do pass,

my traitorous heart picks up speed,

at last timing would i think don't turn your back.

this is not yet the end it has only just begun,

cause i have learned to trust you,

and you have learned to trust me too.

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