The Dragon Tattoo

September 24, 2017

My mind couldn't forget you
I saw you in my sunrise, the patterns in my pink carpet, the smudges in my eyeshadow
You shattered my being
I was left on the ground broken cold
And alone
With no back bone

M.F one of the first to add scars to my body
As the heal they will become tattoos
E is another
These people have touched my body
Harmed my soul
Took control in more than enough ways

When admist a hurricane
Destruction tends to rain
And alone with a thunderstrike
Of night terrors cascading my dreams tonight

I will never give up my fight
For us to be able to sleep at night
I want a better world
That's all I ever wanted for this girl

I was born into a curse
With a voice
Mind like birch
When it's time to dance again
Another will appear on my skin

BM is one that belongs to me
Dead to my heart
Hid away the key
But he doesn't know he's destroying me
Mentally he's toying with me
Oh but it's okay he's just boying with me
But then I loose cooridinatipn
And I speak out to my nation
And I run real fast till dawn
Writing till I start to yawn
Oh what a pitty we know our lives are shity
But oh littt I think I'm lookin pretty tonight

- Cest la vi

The author's comments:

My life dealing with mental illness and depression lead me to write sort of an auto biography poetry saga. Starting with spectrum then leading into delirium discussing my mental state.

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