Don't you dare call it an "opinion"

September 23, 2017

Their bile spews up, bitter and full of hate
Laced with ignorance, years of the same close minded views
Fermenting like vinegar
They wretch sour juices into tupperware and sell it for a cheap 2 cents
Labeling it with a word that will make it acceptable
Because everyone has a right to puke
To vocalize every feeble minded thought in their throats
Raw from acidic words
They vomit, lap it up, and regurgitate it again
And again
And again
Like dogs, mindlessly following whoever dangles the treats
In front of their noses
It’s not loyalty, it's weakness
Bowing before a faceless alpha
That tells them what to be afraid of
Where to throw their stomach acid
And who to shy away from with their tails between their legs
They’ve been trained to polarize
To sort things into boxes
Right and wrong
There is no in between
For that compromises their stability
The safety of their own beliefs
They are so afraid
Tiny minds in a huge world
Old brains in a modern age
Society grows around them
While they remain static, miniscule
Losing influence
The smell of their vomit overpowered
With FLOWERS and fresh ideas
Windows opening, minds opening, light coming in
Scaring skittish dogs back into the shadows
Back into dingy darkened alleyways
Where they hide
Eating out of garbage cans just to stay alive
Because they’ll never see all the beauty this world has to offer
Keeping their eyes shut tight
Refusing to come out of the dark
They miss out on everything lovely
Everything pure
They’ll never know the glow one feels inside
When one makes peace with all of humanity
When one learns to see the differences
With nothing but appreciation
They’ll be caged by rage
Still in denial
Never knowing how sweet life can be
Without the taste of bile


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