Patience, A Wonderful Virtue

September 23, 2017
By Mr.Alias17 BRONZE, Mount Vernon, Missouri
Mr.Alias17 BRONZE, Mount Vernon, Missouri
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Patience, the way to tell the differnece between a person and a man.

The Difference between a noble one one to a certain person who rushes his rise.

Patience, the way of walking the steady trail their way to observe the flowers,

as the other one ran, stumbling upon the rocks and slipping on the gravel,

making it all a much more uneasy travel.

To see truths of the world instead of being blinded in the eyes and to discover with harsh surprise.

The world can be ready for whatever you do, unless you have patience, a wonderful virtue.

The author's comments:

I've been frustrated with life recentely and I've always been looking for an answer, and when I try to rush things, all I've done is make things worse. I realized patience is the need everyone needs really. It wil help you be able to really stay calm and collective and ready to move on from life when things go wrong, in any cases.

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