September 22, 2017

How far would I go?
How far would I go
For You?
You might never know.

I would go to the farthest planet,
I would dig through the toughest granite;
I would climb the tallest tree,
I would swim across the largest sea.

I would run for miles,
Even to a concert.
I would undergo numerous trials,
I would cross every desert.

I will go to hell and back;
I will go to Heaven if that's what you want.
Wherever you go,
I shall go.

What would I do?
What would I do
For You?
You could never know.

I would give up my wealth,
I would give up my health;
I would lie with the slain,
I would wait in the rain.

I would give up my country,
I would give up my blood;
I would hang on a tree,
I would take on the flood.

I will change for You;
I will suffer for You;
I will live for You;
I will die for You.

How much love do I have?
How much love do I have
For You?
You must [never] know.

With all my heart I love you;
With all my mind I love you;
With all my strength I love you;
With all my soul I love you.

My love is as big
As the space between the stars.
My love is as deep
As the trenches in Mars.

As eternal as the Sun
Is my love.
As forgiving as the Son
Is my love.

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