Overwhelmed Freshman

September 22, 2017
By TatumPugh BRONZE, Athens, Texas
TatumPugh BRONZE, Athens, Texas
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The bell just rang,
Better get to class.
Oh wait, was that math
assignment due today?
Hopefully not,

Anyway. . .

Where is my phone?
Ugh, it’s dead.
Do we have cheer practice today?
If so, I forgot my clothes.

Oh, no!
I have a college test today!!
I completely forgot to study!


I put my shirt on backwards and forgot to eat breakfast.
I can’t wait for lunch!


Where is my lunch?
I forgot it in the car.


Why can’t I catch a break from this overwhelming day!

The author's comments:

I was insired to write this piece because, I am a freshman going through exaclty what this poem states. I love high school but it was overwhelming at the beginning and I thought if I wrote it down and it got published it would touch a lot of highschoolers that feel the same way.

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