September 28, 2017
By tasiannaswint BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
tasiannaswint BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Different things make different people angry.
Certain things makes me angry; like people.
I sometimes think people make me mad on purpose.
People say things they KNOW will make me mad,
Do things they KNOW will make me mad and other things
They KNOW will make me mad.
Sometimes people get on my nerves; again i think is on PURPOSE
To make me mad !!
I wouldn’t say I don’t like people, but I don’t enjoy people
Being around me, talking to me, touching me, and more.
For example, one day me and my sister went to family dollar.
We picked up all the stuff we needed and went to pay
For it.
As we get to the register, the lady that was working at the register
Said she liked my hair.
( At the time it was blue, green, blonde, and brown. )
So I said thank you and she continued ringing our things
As I was getting the money out my purse, a lady came and
Stood behind us in line.
As I was about to grab the change and the bag, the lady said
Something rude and my sister got mad and cussed the lady out.
After that we were escorted out the store.
So basically moral of the story is, I don’t like people nor their
Some people can be fun to hang around but others? Not so much .
Most people like to go out and have fun, others rather do things
They know will get us in trouble.
Most people are nice and generous, others? no .
Most people like to hang around and have fun instead of sitting
In the house and being boring.
Most of the time I stay in the house and be bored because I
Don’t like people nor do I like being around them.

The author's comments:

this poem basically explains why i dont like people and why i never really showm features of myself because people always have something negative to say. 

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