September 28, 2017
By Mikay SILVER, Lohman , Missouri
Mikay SILVER, Lohman , Missouri
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My stuttering is unique.
No one else stutters like me.
I have a different voice.
My parents will recognize my voice in an instant,
Because my voice is different.
It’s unique.
My speech is not perfect,
But no one is.
Some days I fight it.
Some days I fly with it,
Hand in Hand.
But some days I feel like I’m in a bloody war,
And just when I’m about to give up,
It quits.
Then we’re at peace.
Stuttering popped into my life,
Like an unexpected war.
My stuttering sets me apart from everyone else.
But then again,
Why fit in when you can stand out?
My stuttering is unique.

The author's comments:

I stutter so this is a piece that is very near and dear to my heart.

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