sea serpents of star crossed twilight

September 28, 2017
By Yeshwant Sridhar BRONZE, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Other
Yeshwant Sridhar BRONZE, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Other
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I get a flash of her,
a delicate dye in the orchids,
ripped in my wet warmy earth,
she lazily glides in the
moon- kissed bed at dawn,
melodiously widening
the syrupness
of the sprinkled wings
in the eternity's sand

we bathed in together,
drinking & dripping
between the April lids,
of our crimsoning feet

in the silky flair of
her yellow hairs, I quickly pipped vignettes
in the rainbow
of our love, and watched
her caramel eyes,
scrambling for my shooting stars
that bled in the
lips of autumn


she chased yellow butterflies
in my chest
that shone
like parched roses
the dews of my moon

as she essays
into the chambers of my heart,
her mouth, two moonlit pearls,
melt like pink rubies
sucking the scent
of my cobalt saphires

we moan,
wrapping the winter sands
in the faraway spread
and I try to ply my finger
to the primrose petals
departing from her frock..


our unspoiled
ardent touch,
the fervent flaps made,
whipping the thorns
sheathing the heath heads of lilies,
g e n t l y..
ferment the lilac fingers of
my February

we embrace like
sea serpents, so vigorously
clutching every cords
and cells of our nostalgic..

our love was as sweet as
her whimsical scent,
that sizzled the melancholic beauty
of the mid-dawn blooms
my aimless artemisia


she drinks from the
copius tears of my melting sweat,
while ocean flakes
lick the seductive sounds
of the double layered sheets in my
September snow.

stealing the blue laces
of warm reddish petals,
I cradle her,
midst my arms of honeysuckle

I memorize every
word that come undone,
like pale-blue buttons
of seasonal hiatus
as we
utter the last breath
of our sensual sweetness

twilight blooms ahead,
far above our
a natural reminder:

that our love

aged again...

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