September 27, 2017
By Anonymous

Here we are again
Here I am again
Standing in the dirt holding your treasures on my back
You put your hopes and dreams on me
Asked me to take what you couldn’t carry
Who do you think I am
What do you expect me to do
Fulfill your dreams and maybe
Maybe someday, I’ll have somebody too
To lay all my mistakes and fears on
To tell them it belongs to them
This isn’t mine
And I know you think you’re helping me
You have only good intentions
You believe you are giving me gold
There’s just one problem
Gold is
So here you go
You can have it back
I’ll leave it here in the dirt, that’s all it is anyways
This isn’t what I wanted
So please just take it
Take your twisted
Sick ambition
Take your unfufilled dreams and bury them
With your poisoned broken love
And misplaced wishes
If you really love me, bury them now
Before they become mine

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