Are you ok?

September 27, 2017

Are you ok..

How are you feeling..

No really tell me because I care to know. I want to know of you are rotting away day by day I want to know of you can feel peices of you fly away with the wind so how are you.. And don't you dare ever lie to me when you are asked that question because I know what its like. I know how it feels to wake up every day and feel empty. I know what it feels like loose every one and everything in the blink of an eye,snached away so fast its like you never had anything to begin with..
So are you ok.. And don't tell me that you're "fine" because I'm smart I know exactly how broken every person who utters that meaningless word is.

When I look at a person I look at them I see them I don't see the fake smile you flash to every one at work,the fake smiles that you use to slither by your guidance counselors.I have felt it I have done it.. So how are you... Are you suicidal I know big question but really.. Do you want to die.. I don't think anyone wants to die none of us do.. We just want the pain to stop ..

Somtimes the pain in our heads is so bad that we would do anything I mean anything to make it stop to stop the voices telling you that you are worthless,fat,ugly,stupid telling you that the world doesn't need you telling you that you are alone.. You are not alone and I know no matter how many times I tell you you will still feel the same way but are you ok.. Because you are not alone because I care I don't know you but I care..I care so much about you.. yes you because you are worth it not worthless. I know you feel sad,depressed,angry,disappointed.. But you feel this way for a reason and it is valid you are not emo you Are not crazy you are A beautiful human. And you do not have to hide behind smiles its ok not to be ok all the time.. So now I ask you the real you how are you?? Are you happy..? Are you sad??.. Are you numb??.. How are you ?

The author's comments:

I have dealt with depression and I know how alone you feel when you are going through it. I just want people to keep going and know that they are not alone. Stay strong

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