Falling, drowning, and slamming down. Life hits me hard like brick to my side.

Gagging, wincing, the pain corrupts my mind. The ground below me isn't there, yet I feel the cold stone.

dragging, tugging, I'm pulled out of motion. My stomach is in a knot, all while the pressure builds.

Pushing, crushing, my soul wears away. My mind is an ocean searching for the last bit of light.

Fighting, trying, I tell myself 'No'. I pull apart as both sides take me away.

Stressing, climbing, I see the way out. I'm half alive but I feel mostly dead.

I wince, I crawl. I look back before me. The scene says 'You're not worth it.' Am I? Are you?

No. No! I can't say enough. Life is a bottomless pit waiting to pull you in. Who are you to follow those voices?

You are a leader, not a follower. You have a chance! You have a reason! You... well, you...

You have a purpose.

Pulling, prying, I pick myself up. I am my own. This sickness can't stop me. I drag myself out and try again

I have a purpose.

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