Best Friend Material

September 27, 2017
By TheObscureWriter SILVER, Manchester, New Hampshire
TheObscureWriter SILVER, Manchester, New Hampshire
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It took only a moment to realize I was staring
Mouth hung wide open and to this day I still don't know why
It was 1st grade
It was a first for many things
Maybe even memories
But I knew from the moment the class started introducing themselves I just had to know your name
And that's how it started
With Destiny
The first word between you and me was a synonym for fate
How ironic
And yes the rest of the class was there but for a moment it felt like I was stuck in the middle of the ocean with a stranger I just had know every little secret about
I knew there was a problem when I found myself thinking more of how I was going to approach you at recess than what 10+6 equaled
Or when I wasn't worried about who I would play hopscotch with
because my heart was already playing it in my chest
And when I finally talked to you
It was during tag
I always knew I could run faster than everyone else
But I could only be away from you for so long
I tripped
And I fell
Even to this day i
But when I finally hit the ground I took the real leap of faith when you checked on me
Will you go out with me
I shouted with all the courage I could muster
I don't think I remember another smile cross your face that was as beautiful as it was that day
And I don't think I remember a frown cross your face that looked so hurt as when I had to move
Because when I came back nothing was the same
Maybe it was too childish of me to think you’d wait
Or that you’d still have those feelings
And I'd never hold it against you
You called me your best friend and that was more than good enough for me
You’re best friend material
And I’ll always love you

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