Matthew Lush

September 27, 2017
By Darknessss BRONZE, Cogan Station, Pennsylvania
Darknessss BRONZE, Cogan Station, Pennsylvania
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Matthew Lush ~ Isis Homler
Matthew Lush is a Gay god.

Matthew Lush is not afraid to show his love for his Boyfriends.
anything anyone or anything people have to say to him about his sexuality.
unstoppable he will go far and anything for anyone He Will go as far for any boy almost.
Crazy He will do random things and things get very weird because what he does and things can get freaky.
Loveable He will do anything that is romantic or act it at least Act like it.
He's loyal He has never cheated on ANY Of his boyfriends in his life time.
Matthew Lush is a StormĀ 
He's not afraid to break down even when the camera is rolling.

Matthew Lush is a Gay god

The author's comments:

Matthew lush is one of my favorite youtubers and tells me to keep going even through all my deppressed times because of what people say about my sexuality 

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