Why Can't We All Be...

September 26, 2017
By Mikay SILVER, Lohman , Missouri
Mikay SILVER, Lohman , Missouri
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I know we pay attention to others in our world
Others who have less
Others who don’t know love
Others who don’t have anything that we think they need
When really they’re more rich than us
They’re rich in love
Rich in compassion
Rich in color
Rich in everything else that we think isn’t what they need
But truthfully it’s simple.
They are rich
We are poor
Yes we might be rich in money and things we don’t need
But they are rich with truly important things
So some people say
Why can’t everyone in the world be equally rich
But I say
Why can’t everyone in the world be equally poor.

The author's comments:

I go to Haiti and I was thinking about this on one of my latest trips. I wrote this and I can't help but nod my head every single time I read it

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