Momentary Pleasure

September 26, 2017

Finally my heart is at rest,

Finally my body can eat and sleep;

Finally my anxieties depart,

And my soul is filled with Joy. 


She was beautiful tonight,

As wild as a summer storm,

As warm as the radiant sun,

As loving as the Mother of God. 


Nevertheless there was doubt,

For she knows not of my love;

How can I keep her

If she isn't mine? 


How can I enjoy something

When I know it will have to end?

I wish we could be more than friends,

But I know not what transpires in Her heart. 


For I was truly happy,

If only temporarily,

But now that time has ended

And the desert grows again. 


Shall I confess my love?

For I feel her loving presence,

But She only regards us as friends,

When I want something more. 

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