Midnight Fears

September 25, 2017
By AngelinaC GOLD, Staten Island, New York
AngelinaC GOLD, Staten Island, New York
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“Don’t be afraid my child” you called.
But I am afraid.
For you haunt me,
and hurt me,
and scare me in my sleep.
For you are that single monster,
always scaring me so deep.
You hide under my bed all day,
to come out and feast,
at night,
On my dreams,
On my nightmares,
And there will never be peace.

For I will forever be haunted by you.
And when I grow older,
My children will be too.
There is no escape from the realm of monsters.
The fear, the adrenaline,
forever etched in my mind,

Creaking the floor boards,
You come up close,
You close the door,
So no one will show,
Creeping up close,
A single words jumps from your lips,
To my face,

And when the sun peaks at 5 in the morning,
You will be all done feeding,
on my fears.
And hesitantly you close your eyes,
and drift into the abyss of sleep,
To wake up once more,
during the night,
when I am all tucked in,
Oh so very tight.

Slowly you rise,
from under the covers,
Making sure to not wake me from my slumber.
You appear my dreams,
causing havoc and terror,
And feed at the panic,
of my tremoring body.
My heart pangs inside my chest,
My breath will slowly quieten.

Abruptly I wake to see no one there.
For you have retreated again,
Down under my bed,
"No more” I cry.
But the next night there you are,
For you only scare me,
My Monster under my bed.

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