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September 25, 2017
By alec_mora1 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
alec_mora1 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Favorite Quote:
always try dont quit

Gratitude: to appreciate something or someone

Grace: a girl's name; to be poised;love; empathy, gratitude, peacefulness

Grace and Mercy are often together in the Bible

Mercy: another chance given; empathy; understanding

Merciless: (antonym) the opposite of mercy

Gracious: to be thankful; to have grace

Graciás: thank you in Spanish

Graci: thank you in Italian

Merci: thank you in French

Parakaló: thank you in Greek

Maltzumesk: thank you in Russian

Danke: thank you in German

Characterization: list qualities that belong to you in each of the following categories

1. Physical description
2. Personality
3. Goals, thoughts, dreams
4. Actions
5. What one says
6. What is said about a person

Sentence starter: write a piece that describes you and begins with this sentence, and repeats (or can repeat) this sentence throughout the piece; thereby reiterating the “best version” of yourself

I am the best version of myself when…

I Play soccer
   I eat food
      I sleep at night
        Go outside to exercise
            I use my phone
             I Go to work
                I Go to school
                   I go to parties
                    I get tattoos
                          I buy shoes
                             I drive my van
                              I takes pictures with people
                                Go on the computer
                                   I beat up mikey
                                     When i got my earphones
                                          When i listen to music
                                             Hang out with my friends
                                                  Go out to eat
                                                     Use my phone    
                                                       When im not sick
                                                            When im with family
                                                                 When i drive
                                                                    I buy new clothes
                                                                         When i use my computer
                                                                             When my soccer team wins there game

The author's comments:

it came from the hart 

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