The Birds

September 25, 2017
By ordinary_fools_ GOLD, Overland Park , Kansas
ordinary_fools_ GOLD, Overland Park , Kansas
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As my lungs fill with air,
And my heart with sorrow

His words
Like birds
Circle in my mind

Picking apart my being
Crumb, by crumb
Till no original thought
Lay there.

My mind is screaming,
But, my teeth are beaming

My heart is racing
But, my fingers are interlacing
With his

He whispers a thousand words

Feeding the birds
That circle in my mind

Picking apart
The most important
Parts of me.

The birds
Chirping in my ears
As tears

Flapping their wings
Like kings
The freedom of my speech

My heart beats
For you

But my heartbeat

Slows, like the crows
Building their nest
Inside my chest
Till it burst    

You burst the joy
Inside of me

From climbing trees
To smiling freely

There was joy.

But now,
There is birds. 

Birds circling my mind,
My vision,
My heart.

These birds protect my being,
But, somehow
My being is
Agreeing to fall apart

Piece by piece

Love by love.

Bird by bird.

The author's comments:

I wrote this for my english class, when we were studing Edgar Allan Poe. Although It doesn't quite match his style, and persona... I thought I would share it:) 

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