September 25, 2017
By Anonymous

Lucy’s eyes went wide when she realized I wasn’t backing down.
I braced myself for the impact of the collision
There was no avoiding it.
Lucy’s arms extended in an attempt to brace the fall
I, however didn’t have the grace of that option
My back made a loud “thud” in contact with the ground
Lucy by my side

Immediately, Lucy jumped back to her feet
No sign of discomfort on her face
The freezing-hot pain shot through my leg
as I rose, challenging my body to stay upright
Then it hit me

Like a strike of lightning
It seemed as if my lungs refused to work
No matter how much I wanted to breathe
No breath infiltrated the suffocating barrier
As if a boulder was forced onto my chest
Unwilling to move, dragging me down

I crumpled to the ground
Now back on my knees sobbing
With no way to call for help
All I could manage were small gasps and wheezes

Then I heard the ringing whistle
With it came a voice and soon there was someone at my side
My coach attempted to help me open my lungs
But the anxiety was strangling me
I was terrified

I was helped by two people off the field
Who they were,
I don’t know
Will everything be ok?

Time shattered in my mind
I felt suffocated in the open
Unsure of any outcome

Then I felt it
A slight opening of my lungs
I felt the sweet air flood into me
Then slowly began taking full, long breaths
I was a child on christmas morning
Full of thundering-joy

The author's comments:

When I look back at this moment it always helps me push forward and stay strong when I feel the urge to give up.

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