The Rohingya Agony

September 30, 2017
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During all this, someone lost his parent.
He wept as he saw them vanish within a torrent.
Another lost her arms and legs.
Her pain can be seen in her eyes as she begs.
He cursed his killer before taking his last breath.
“The Almighty will not forgive you”, he said embracing death.
It aches my heart seeing innocent children being killed.
Somewhere within me I feel awfully shrilled.
They are proud to be Myanmar native.
Despite being Rohingyas they have the right to live.
They condign a safe environment.
They need means for life to sustain.
The government calls it ethnic cleansing.
Whereas the whole world witnesses them suffering.
Aung San Suu Kyi is a noble peace prize recipient.
I ask, whether she is a peace guardian or its assailant?
If not a genocide what is this?
A social wrong or a political amiss?
Wiping one’s antiquated citizens out.
Even after this, the Prime Minister keeps close her mouth.
I question the legitimacy of her achievement.
As we all ignite our inner fervent.
What is their fault after all?
Is their identity responsible for this down-fall?

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