Peace in Any Form

September 28, 2017
By ltgood01 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
ltgood01 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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I ponder upon a question what does peace mean to me?

I swayed along the current as I indulge in its waves
the water movements had adjusted as I was carried.
At first the water seemed cold as a slushy you could
buy at almost any store gas station. I perceived the air
was almost as hot as a sun I continued to sway noticing
the sun was at its peak looking down on me like a bird
startling but yet soothing.

The water was so relaxing it
made me loose thought of time as a began to
realize as I  slightly raised my arms to reveal my fingers
were soggy and look to have ridges

I began to think  daydream a lot and my mind began to wonder like a stray
cat. Every once in awhile I could see
cardinals chirp here
and there never too loud but nice
and relaxing more time
and time moved by also the clouds which varied never
the same usually unique.

The cloud were white and
fluffy like a pet rabbit but as time passed the began to
undergo a color change of black, and these black clouds
were disturbing my relaxing time as they drew in the
threatened to rain upon me gradually I surrender and
went back into my house

I fixed up some hot chocolate
stirring with precision as I sip I realized I didn’t quite
know how to explain peace after all that time I felt as
I couldn’t speak like I was mute even though I already knew I understood. 

The author's comments:

i just felt in a relaxing cofotable mood so i wrote what i felt in my state of mind

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