They Dont See

September 22, 2017
By deshamonet GOLD, Conyers, Georgia
deshamonet GOLD, Conyers, Georgia
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People don’t see you, they see what they want to see.

I know that because I know people don’t see me.

When people look at me they’re looking at my mask.

Keeping on the mask is a hard task.

I have to keep a smile on my face throughout the day

When people say hello to me, I have to have something to  say

I have to hold my head up even when I feel like I cant anymore

I have be strong and not let the tears hit the floor

They don’t see me, the person I actually am

They don’t know that when I break down its hard for me to stand

But I stand, and I stand tall.

No longer will people have the power to make me fall.

I am strong, stronger than ever before.

I am ready for life and I know life has much in store.

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