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September 21, 2017
By axgela SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
axgela SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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we have forgotten
the natural light
shining bright on our smiling faces
and casting shadows
under massive trees.
we remember the branches of spiraling wires,
stretching across cities,
crackling with the sound of electricity.
we remember the perfect temperature
of the system,
rather than the hot, sunny days,
popsicles dripping sticky lines down our chins
and moans of heat emphasizing the lethargy.
we remember the accessibility of happiness,
seemingly the ability to flick a switch
and get whatever you need,
but those who remember far, far ago,
when we had double dutch and sunburnt skin,
open hydrants and paper fans,
damp curls in the gentle summer rain,
piggy back rides through the city streets,
true happiness without the use of electricity.

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