Where I'm From

September 20, 2017
By MasqueradingWordsmith SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
MasqueradingWordsmith SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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I am from long car rides on winding roads.

I am from spaghetti stains on white t-shirts,

and overwatched Disney movies.
I am from tomboys and tutus, and ballerina fairy princesses,
from pirates and dragons, knights and superheroes.

I am from singing in the shower,
from knock knock jokes, toy trains and paper planes
and getting the giggles at inappropriate times.
I am from ruby slippers and lightning scars,
from teetering treehouses and peppermint tea.

I am from Roald Dahl and Shel Silverstein.
I am from Lori and Brian,
and my brothers and sisters along with them.
I am from Captain Jack Sparrow and Sherlock Holmes.
from Aunt Linda and Uncle Meal, I mean Uncle Neal.

I am from blue shingles and white pillars,
from stone staircases and secret gardens
and tiger lilies, and aged patios.
I am from circular windows and bright yellow walls,
from red clocks and three not-so little apple trees.

I am from straight blonde hair.
I am from blue eyes, short fingernails
and feet that just won’t keep still.
I am from crooked teeth and sock-covered toes,
from chubby cheeks and carefully chosen words.

I am from April 28th, 2016,
from empty pill bottles and brothers in ambulances,
and hopeless prayers I don't care to repeat.
I am from familiar nightmares and silent tears,
from dark thoughts and darker actions.

I am from wordless apologies.
I am from sad smiles, and tight hugs,
and forgiving but never forgetting.
I am from the little things in life,
from breakfasts in bed and movie marathons.

I am from waking up before the sunrise,
from the feel of a paintbrush in my fingers
and the smell of fresh coffee.
I am from overstuffed bookcases and charcoal pencils.
From speaking my mind and not giving a damn what you think.

I am from rosy cheeks and loud music.
I am from gravel sidewalks
and hand-me-down clothing.
I am from cinnamon sugar on toast.
From writing my own story, and choosing my own destiny.

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