Where I'm From

September 20, 2017
By deVriesA GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
deVriesA GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I’m from foam bullets flying at my padded chest.
A place that looked like a bed full of monkeys,
somewhere only six blondes recognize.

Wherever, whenever, whoever—
call and I will answer.
She was nervous but knew we were safe.

I’m from white caps and ongoing blue waves.
The grass expanded from one quarter to one acre,
somewhere only sandboxes turned to pools.

Tears, travel, terror—
lost with nowhere to start.
She said we would be okay…

I’m from the first, the second, and last place medals.
A place of pointe shoes and tap shoes,
somewhere only the dream of tutu’s kept me going.

Countries, continents, cultures—
eight on four wheels with a voice saying “U-turn”
She received the name of Backseat Driver.

I’m from the “xoxo” that signed each letter.
The style change from jeans to tight leggings,
somewhere only dad and mom thought I shouldn’t grow older.

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